Welcome to the JSO Project!

JSO is an object-relational mapping tool based on runtime class reflection, which requires no mapping metadata definitions, like XML files. It acts as a persistence layer, storing Java objects in a relational database, and supports many features, like transactions, query, cache, garbage collection and distributed application development. It is fully writen in Java and uses other open source libraries. It should run in any operating system in which JDK 1.4.x is available.

To learn more about JSO choose the topics in the menu to your left and browse through the documentation. The project is still in an initial stage and for now there's a great lack of information. We're working on that.

JSO is open source* software and is licensed under the terms the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The project is currently hosted on Sourceforge* and its latest version is available here.

Some History

JSO was conceived as part of a master thesys (september of 2003) in Brazil (PESC* / COPPE* / UFRJ*). The work discussed the problems faced by developers when implementing persistence for Java objects and the most popular tools used to do it. We proposed JSO as a simpler way to provide persistence, in a way some issues could be properly handled and some requirements could be achieved. We have initially validated JSO runing the BUCKY object-relational benchmark*.

The Development Team

Currently our development team is:


If you would like to contact us please visit JSO's Sourceforge site* or send us e-mails: jalopes@users.sourceforge.net, xexeo@users.sourceforge.net.

Thanks for your interest.